Wandering Strangers

”[…] thou mayest learn to lift up the foot of thy love; and step towards that state and degree of living that is perfect [….]” - The Cloud Of Unknowing

"Each prophet and divine friend has a path, but all the paths that lead to God are one." - Rumi

"When they were few in number, few indeed and strangers in it, they wandered from nation to nation [….]" - Psalm (NIV)

I have wandered and indeed feel like a stranger
   (even among my closest friends.)
This, the solitary state teaching me to raise love
   and direct it towards
      divine purpose.
       ”Only a few find it.”
The woven path forms strong ties to Your grace.
Please continue to light the way ahead
   and provide the means to accomplish Your will.
Imminent and distant.
Alike and dissimilar.
We are in your likeness yet You are unknowable.
I can feel Your paradoxes growing within my life.
Be near in these peaceful and gentle times.
Thank You for Your unending grace.

Divine Lightning

"He is not righteous who judges a situation impulsively. But whoever distinguishes between right and wrong, that one is righteous." - Buddha

"Since the quality of being sought is opposite of seeking, revelation and divine lightning consume the prophet with fire." - Rumi

"In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent." - Psalm

Awash in confusion, open your eyes.
A light shines brightly - it girds your way.
Take comfort.
Be at peace.
The heat burns away dross and leaves pure substance.

(Sometimes I feel there is no substance to my life.
  I turn away from the flame fearing there will be nothing left.
  I am fallible.)

You are so patient with me.
Reveal Your truth and speak into my life.
I am feeling lost and distraught.
Not knowing which way to turn.
Reveal Your light to me.
Strengthen me in Your love.
Please guide me in Your mercy.
I love You.

Clothe Yourselves In Light

"Shun anger, let go of pride, break out of every shackle. Whoever is not tied to possessions, clinging neither to body nor mind, is never in bondage." - Buddha

"O Lord, you sprinkle on the cleansing water so that this world [on fire] becomes all light." - Rumi

"… clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." - The Apostle Paul

In some ways I am seeking justification.
I am still tied to my possessions.
I still place value in these objects which fulfill my desires.
Musical instruments. Art supplies. Tools and outdoor equipment.
Material wealth. Status.
      You reveal my inner ways.
      Redeem my desires and pride.
      Make the abundance You’ve provided
        an avenue to
          Your will in my life.
Transform my world, ablaze, to Your light. 
Make me holy like You.
     I need Your indwelling spirit each moment.
     Help me breathe with Your breath.


"Unwholesome action, hurting self, comes easily. Wholesome action, healing self, takes effort." - Buddha

"The wounds of inspirations and temptations come from a thousand sources, not from one. Be still so that your senses are transformed, that you may see them and the pain is cured. So that you see whose words you have refused and who it is you’ve made your sovereign lord." - Rumi

"Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God…." - Isaiah

Each day passes.
Moment by moment a choice:
Put great effort into following Your ways
Slide through the moments and days 
   led by
     My desires
     My cravings
     My pride
     My plans.

Here I am
Sitting still before You,
Loving You,
Delighting in Your presence.
   You restore all wounds.
   You redeem all suffering.
     (It’s by Your grace we can hope to be made holy.)

Distill my intents.
Purify my actions.
With clear insight, guide my ways.
Teach me.

Thank You for Your loving kindness.

Every Shackle

"Shun anger, let go of pride, break out of every shackle." - Buddha

"The worldly sense will let you climb this world, the spirit’s sense will let you climb to Heaven." - Rumi

"Listen, listen to me and eat what is good!" - Isaiah

Grow the spirit’s touchstone within me.
Teach me to discern the temporal and eternal.
The beneficial from the detrimental.
The satiating from the unsatisfying.
   Fill my nostrils with truth.
   Fill my mouth with good things.
   Fill my ears with Your voice.
   Fill my hands with Your work.
Let Your spirit permeate my pores
My veins and vessels
My mind and marrow
My innermost self (not mine, but Yours)
More than consume, catalyze, crystallize Your spirit within me!

Father, keep me from anger and curb my pride.
Restrain my waywardness and set my heart to do Your will.
       I am nothing but that You breathe in me.