Lament And Take Joy

"A person devoted to his faith, disciplined, illustrious, and prosperous, is honored wherever he chooses to live." - Buddha

"So make yourself distressed; lament, lament…." - Rumi

"Let all who take refuge in you be glad!" - Psalm

This body is at once a cage
and that being caged
  limited by necessity and desire.

This soul is both a tether
and that which is tethered
  pulling us to our destinies
  and forever limited by our state.

Your will is everlasting,
despite our freedom,
despite our waywardness.

The lament taken up from our separation
turns to joy in Your shelter.

And all good things are created within You.
All things created within You are good.
All things are created within You.

Holiness is the sky pressing down on us -
the wind wrapping around us.

To reject You is to reject the sun.

It is right to lament
It is right to take joy
It is right to diligently serve You
   and devote our faults to Your glory.

Set my way according to Your will.

Inner Nature’s Reflection

"To the extent that a fool knows his foolishness, he may be deemed wise. A fool who considers himself wise is indeed a fool." - Buddha

"He saw his own reflection as his foe, and so he drew his sword against himself. How many an evil that you see in others is your own nature which you see in them!" - Rumi

"These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ." - The Apostle Paul

Father, in this space of obedience, teach me grace and kindness. Please continue to provide all my needs according to Your riches. I rely on Your providence.
     I know I often act rashly with a fool’s spirit.
     I am familiar with my pride.
     Make these parts of me wholesome and useful to Your will.

The mallard slides easily across the surface of the lake.
A picture of peace in motion.
Below the surface, his feet create great turbulence, propelling him forward.

The sparrow leaps confidently from the ledge.
With the knowledge and confidence that God has given her wings,
she freely falls and flies through the air.

God directs their paths according to their nature.
In their obedience they gain greater freedom.

Oh foolish bird who desires the nature of a house cat.
How quickly he is devoured by his new peers!

Teach me to love my nature
and to earnestly obey Your will in my life.
I want to love those around me with sincerity and truth.